Saturday, February 11, 2012

BeeCloud - 512Gb of Free Online Cloud Backup

As most of us already know, BeeCloud was a really great service, and they kept giving away huge amount of online backup storage for a long time in partnership with LiveDrive, Inc. Here's an update to the service. BeeCloud has ended their contract with LiveDrive, and any accounts registered for LiveDrive through will be closed on March 13, 2012.

So I just wanted to update you guys with the new information. I'll be constantly looking for some other such a great service, and I will post an update when I find. Please share in the comment section if you know one (or more).

We store huge amount of precious data on our computers everyday - be it official documents, personal videos, personal music or personal photos taken during unique occasions. Most of us have lost many of them and then thought we should have backed them up before. But for many people, this is like a cycle, they regret everytime they lose files and keep on loosing files. There are reasons why they cannot backup all of their files.
  1. Availability of storage space
  2. Reliability of storage
  3. Accessibility of storage
  4. Most importantly, affordability
I lost recently some very important files - my academic project database files, which resulted in changing the academic project in the week before the deadline for submission. So while searching for a solution to store every precious contents (I had around 90 GB of data), I found couple of solutions, such as ZumoDrive, SugarSync et cetera. BeeCloud was one of them, but something kept it out of the line - it was precicely the All-in-One solution which I was looking for.

I considered everything below before choosing BeeCloud as my solution.

Security: BeeCloud is a reseller of LiveDrive, one of the most famous high-end backup solution providers. Data will be stored redundantly on the LiveDrive servers, so that you will never lose the files again.

Accessibility: How would it be if you could access your data from your PC, Mac, iPhone, and your Android device? It would be brilliant, wouldn't it? BeeCloud lets you do it. You can access your data through the web, too.
Their Briefcase system (available in selected paid plans only) gets you another drive with 512 GB of space, with which you can access that data just like you do on your HDD or Flashdrive. Yes, you can just drag-n-drop files and browse files just like you do on regular physical drives!

Reliability: Let's consider the speed. I don't have a 10 Mbit internet connection here, in a small town in India. Still, speed is what gives meaning to the backed up data. So I did some research on the internet, and would like to share a single post by madeinheaven, which made me lean towards BeeCloud in the case of reliability
Well i am just now backing up my files speed is not to bad same as my FTP uplading speed but download speed is much faster and work with IDM.
Already upload 15 GB
 Affordability: I could goto eBay and get two 512 GB USB powered drives, which provides redundancy, with an enormous accessibility and reliability. Why did I choose BeeCloud over that? It would have costed me too much to buy the drives - at least around $150-$160 in India. I don't have that money to pay for it. BeeCloud provides free storage. However, all my files are fairly small in size, so that I can download my files whenever I need even with my 512Kbps connection.

How to register?
Choose the plan (choose "Free Backup" if you would like to use free plan)
Follow the link
Fill the form and submit
Note: Sign ups are limited to 50 per hour